The LLOYD Guarantee of Quality

Over the last 20 years the founder of Lloyd R.I.S Ltd has been actively involved in the engineering, supply and installation of Quality Refractory Lining Systems for most types of furnace applications all over the world. Product research and development along with continuous improvements in our IS) (001 Quality Systems are a continuous process in our company, which in turn has resulted in the increased life of the refractory insulation systems that we supply.

Independently of the technology which is applied by our clients, we have always seen that the use of high raw materials have resulted in longer life cycles for our linings. Moreover, in combination with higher quality raw materials and a engineered approach to design changes, results have often been beyond our own expectations.

We work together with the largest kiln and furnace builders in the world along with the major manufactures of Heavy Clay, Sanitaryware, Ceramics, Thermal Process, Steel and Aluminum both on term maintenance and turn key projects.

We do not just manufacture and install Quality Refractory Linings, we design and engineer them to suit our customers needs, we offer all of our customers now matter how big or small "The Complete Turnkey Package".

Many customers may receive offers with lower pricing and qualities which are different to ours. It is obvious the use of such lower quality products might jepardise a stable and satisfactory process. Our knowledge of end user processes and refractory insulation systems helps us meet the most stringent of working conditions. Our products are based on over 20 years experience gained within the refractory related industries.

Lloyd Refractory Insulation Systems can offer the engineered solution to your refractory problems.

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